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May 10, 2012

Going Online Via Tablets: How it impacts CTR

Based on its analysis of 16.2 billion visits to the websites of more than 150 retailers in 2011, Adobe Digital Marketing Insights found that Tablet Visitors spend over 50% more per purchase than visitors who use smartphones (“Smartphone Visitors”) and over 20% more than visitors who use desktop/laptop computers (“Traditional Visitors”).

Additionally, Adobe found that Tablet Visitors are
three times more likely to make a purchase than Smartphone Visitors and nearly as likely to purchase as Traditional Visitors.

Why Tablet Visitors  are  more valuable to retailers? Adobe’s analysis identifies two factors that could explain this finding.
First, Tablet Visitors are more affluent than other online shoppers and tend to be males. According to the June 2011 study, A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User, by the Online Publishers Association (OPA), 12% of the U.S. Internet population, or 28 million consumers, own a tablet. Tablet owners skew toward 18- to 34-year-old males and come from households with above average incomes: 29% have an annual household income greater than $75,000.

Tablet Visitors are rapidly growing in size. Although they generate a small portion of total website visits, their share of total visits increased from 1% to 4% in just 12 months. Tablet Visitors appear to spend more because of their demographics, the nature of the tablet user experience, and the environment in which Tablet Visitors shop online 
via adobe research