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May 10, 2012

Mobile Gaming in Europe grow 55% to reach 46million

Mobile gaming

Social Gaming on the up Amongst Europeans
According to Comscore In February 2012, 6.1 million EU5 smartphone gamers logged into a social game on their devices (up 42 percent in the past six months), representing 13.2 percent of smartphone gamers overall. The Italian smartphone gaming audience ranked first in terms of the penetration at 15.5 percent, followed by the UK (14.2 percent) and France (13.1 percent). Spanish smartphone users were most likely to play games with other people at 11.0 percent, followed by Italy at 9.4 percent.
Nearly Half of EU5 Smartphone Users are Gamers: "In the three month average ending February 2012, the number of EU5 smartphone users playing games at least once a month increased 55 percent over the past year to 46.4 million smartphone users (representing 42 percent of the EU5 audience). The UK proved to be the largest market for mobile gaming with 14.2 million smartphone users playing games on their devices during the month, representing 52 percent of the smartphone audience. British smartphone users also ranked first in terms of gaming penetration across daily and weekly gaming usage"

According to Flurry data, smartphone owners use apps for an average of 77 minutes each day. Thirty-one percent of that app time is devoted to games and 31 percent is devoted to social networking apps. Together, smartphone owners spend nearly two-thirds of their daily smartphone app time socializing or shooting (depending on your gaming preference).

In 2011  smartphone owners played games for an average of 25 out of 68 minutes of total app activity each day or 37 percent. Social networking apps took up only 15 minutes of a user's daily app allowance, or approximately 22 percent.
Mobile gaming  distribution includes

Over the Air (OTA) - a game binary file (usually BREW or Java) is delivered to the mobile device via wireless carrier networks.
Sideloaded - a game binary file is loaded onto the phone while connected to a PC, either via USB cable or Bluetooth.
Pre-installed - a game binary file is preloaded onto the device by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
Mobile browser download - a game file (typically Adobe Flash Lite) is downloaded directly from a mobile websit