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May 29, 2012

Mobile vs Social Media: Making of Revolution in the Restaurant Industry

How Social Media is Revolutionsing the Restaurant Industry | Business 2 Community:While serving quality food has always been critical to a restaurant’s success, that effect is much more pronounced with the proliferation of socialmedia.

A bad experience can be shared through social media much quicker than it can circulate through a community by word of mouth.that most people in a restaurant will now have a high powered camera on their phone and people are getting snap happy every time they go out. Log on to the likes of Instagram and you will instantly see a huge range of food dishes from all the people you follow. 


On the positive side, that also means a restaurant can build a positive reputation at a much faster pace. So what are the social tools available today which a restaurants can use

1) Facebook Brand Page
2) Booking a table via Twitter
3) Checking in via Foursquare/ Nearme/Gowala/ Facebook Places.
4) Mobile Apps for  appointment setting/ menu deciding, rating and sharing
5)Mobile Payments ( via Google Wallet,  by NFC phones
6) Post Feedback review   page on Twitter/Facebook
7) Incentivize   users coming via  social/ Mobile  " channels"  by  a discounted coupon, arranging meet ups " for specific locations .. with a buffer and free drinks thrown in . or having a "  three month" food coupons"which users can redeem, only via the social web

 Mobile Apps too have become very important for" the restuarant industy, as many mobile apps enable users to rate, share and upload pictures via " Foursquare, Facebook Places or Twitter, and relay their location   which goes viral quickly in  real time , and  this might also lead to a new customer acquisition,  assuming sme of their friend lists.. wishes to  check in at the same place. One of the Apps which specifically does this is  Foodspotting
 ( I do not work in any Restaurant  and niether a spokesperson for any brand .. the views and the brands which are mentioned are for reference only. In case you wish to  share how brands and marketers are using social media , Pls tweet me @ aerosmith071/ or you can add me at Facebook at  or mail me at

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