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May 22, 2012

Mobile vs Social Vs Email :CTR Data Compararison

ccording to Marin Software research, in the last 12 months, the percentage of total Facebook ad budgets allocated to social ads has risen from 3 to 26 per cent. Based on this trajectory, Marinpredicts social ads will account for nearly 50 per cent of Facebook ad budgets by the end of 2012. Significantly, the research also found consumer engagement with Facebook ads had risen over the 12 month period, as measured by click through rates (CTR). CTR had improved by 50 per cent during this period

When is Facebook most effective

Meanwhile  all is not well across social advertising , as a global  survey undertaken by leading independent digital marketing agency, Greenlight, reveals 30% of people 'strongly distrust' Facebook with their personal data whilst 44% say they would ‘never’ click on Facebook sponsored ads, all of which indicates Facebook's advertising programme has an upward struggle.

The most popular and effective ad format is the Sponsored Story. The format delivers, on average, a 32% decrease in cost per acquisitions (sales) and an increase in CTR (engagement).

When running both the traditional ad format alongside a sponsored story format, we tend to see at least a 30% increase in conversion rates, again with retail leading across the sectors