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May 9, 2012

Tablet, Mobile RTB Display Advertising Growing at 600%

Marketers Increasingly Eye Tablet, Mobile RTB Display Ad Inventory - eMarketer: "Advertiser interest in purchasing real-time, impression-level inventory has led to explosive growth in ad spending on real-time bidding (RTB) inventory.

Media-buying firm Accordant Media found worldwide real-time bidding inventory for banner and video ads across online and mobile placements grew 120% in Q1 2012.

Though some countries saw growth rates for RTB ad inventory impressions grow more than 600%, the US still accounted for the greatest share (47%) of all RTB-based inventory"

RTB or Real Time Bidding Real-time bidding functionality has been proliferating on the mobile platform includes includes Tablets, Handheld  devices,ereaders and other mobile gadgets

The US mobile  market has seen an explosion during the last 18 months with mobile advertising  and
TRB will reach about $56.5 billion by 2015, according to Mobitrove. That expected figure is more than six times the almost $9.3 billion US marketers spent on mobile advertising and promotions in 2010.

March data from Forrester Consulting also suggested that advertisers are taking a greater interest in RTB online video ad inventory, and the firm expects US ad spending on this dynamic form of display to reach $387 million by year’s end. By 2013, that number will almost double to $667 million.

MoPub, a mobile advertising startup founded by former AdMob and Google employees, recently launched a real-time bidding auction place for mobile ads. Called MoPub Marketplace, it is a self-service platform that connects app publishers with ad buyers.