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May 2, 2012

US Auto Sales Numbers for April,2012

Three out of four GM brands reported dramatic declines in April 2012. Sales of its truck brand, GMC, rose 4.5%. Mercedes-Benz headlined as the best-selling premium brand in America. 

Fiat once again posted a best-yet sales month. The Chrysler brand hasn't sold this many vehicles in an April since 2007 - sales jumped 56%, the best gain of any mainstream brand. Jeep has reported two full years of consecutive monthly year-over-year sales gains. Same goes for the Ram brand. TrueCar, however, pointed out that Chrysler spent more money incentivizing cars than any other major automaker in April. Dodge reported in their sales release that Dart production has begun and cars will be on sale in June. 

As for the backsliders, Mitsubishi, Cadillac, and Volvo led the way with 35%, 25%, and 24% drops, respectively. Cadillac is forging ahead with a three-model lineup as the ATS and XTS continue to be marketed heavily through press releases. Volvo, meanwhile, is missing its smallest sedan and wagon. The V40 isn't here yet. Mitsubishi is lacking in its lineup as well.

Apr 2012
% Chg from
YTD 2012
% Chg from
YTD 2011
Cars632,1293.22,475,918 14.9
   Midsize323,0958.31,245,484 19.5
   Small224,415-0.4899,269 14.1
   Luxury84,0135.9327,691 11.9
Light-duty trucks552,3181.32,176,025 5.5
   Pickup145,1004.1595,532 10.0
   Minivan73,0798.3264,236 11.2
   Midsize SUV55,1221.5221,357 12.8
   Large SUV17,593-0.167,773-5.9 
   Small SUV16,24426.160,067 26.3
   Luxury SUV12,54512.752,004 10.5
Total SUV/Cross-over334,139-1.21,316,257 2.6
Total SUV101,5045.8401,201 10.6
Total Cross-over232,635-4.0915,056-0.6 

Segment totals, ranked by Apr unit sales