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May 3, 2012

Verify your Business at Foursquare for $10

Until recently, businesses who wanted to verify themselves with location-based discovery service Foursquare had to wait... and wait. The snail mail process takes anywhere from two to four weeks to complete.From there, merchants can verify that they manage the business, and can begin added foursquare specials found on the merchant platform, including Swarm, Friends, Flash, Newbie, Check-in, Loyalty, and Mayor:

Now there is a much quicker way. For a one-time fee of $10 businesses can complete the verification process online in just minutes after which they have full access to Foursquare's tools and stats.Foursquare is rolling out the new instant verification feature today, and points out that users can still register by physical mail for free if they’d like, and that users who are already registered aren’t required to pay anything.

According to Mashable, "companies will start the process by submitting a phone number. Foursquare makes an automated call to the number and records the caller's name and the name of the business. Those who opt for instant verification are then prompted to enter their credit card information online."

For those businesses that can't, or don't want, to register online the snail mail option is still available. The instant verification option is currently only available in the U.S. 

Foursquare, which presently has about 20 million users, 750,000 of which are businesses, recently celebrated it’s 3rd annual “foursquare day” on April 16th.