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May 22, 2012

With 27% Internet Time in UK spent on Social Media, digital ad spends near 5billion

UK online advertising spend nears 5 bn pounds - Reuters -: " Digital  Marketing is well on its way to becoming  mainstream as brands in Britain spent almost 5 billion pounds advertising online in 2011, with video ads and marketing on social media platforms driving growth to its biggest increase in five years.

The study from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), conducted by PwC, said advertising on the internet increased by 14.4% to 4.8 billion pounds in 2011.

The IAB said 39.7 million people were on average accessing the internet each m onth in Britain, while 27% of all the time spent online was spent on social networks.
Among the fastest areas of online growth, spending on online video ads doubled in the year to 109 million pounds and has now grown eight-fold since 2008. Spending on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn was up 75% to 240 million pounds.
And spending on mobile devices, which is included in online spend, was up 157% to 203 million pounds due to the increasing number of people who own smartphones

Britain has led the way in terms of moving advertising money from traditional areas of spending like newspapers and radio to the internet due to the high level of internet access and the proliferation of smartphones which allow users to access the internet on the go."