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June 3, 2012

3 Reasons why Television Industry on its last Legs

Is the " State of 
Television"    on its last legs standing ?  After " having  ended the the Newspaper Business, is the internet going to obliterate Television ? 
The chart above published at Business Insider  lays out the problem: After a century of growth, the New York Times's news business peaked earlier this decade with just over $3 billion in revenue and $500 million of operating profit. In the years since, however, the company's revenue (blue line) and operating profit (green banrs) have begun to shrink.

The greatest Folly of the Newspaper Industry was that it paid no heed on the " writing on the wall" and  the print Barons   failed to realized how" users  are moving towards the web..   .. But for almost a whole decade, the newspaper industry barely noticed.
Subscriptions kept going up.Ads kept going until they realised that " the party was about to end"  So is the same thing going to happen to the TV ?.
So  how soon are we going to write an obituary for Television.  Businessinser cites 4 reasons why this may end up the same way
Reason No 1: Television shows Broadcasts have come down drastically    (with the very notable exception of live sports)News today  is consumed via the Internet, and less via TV or Print.

Reason No 2 :Users are increasingly watching TV and movie content, but always on demand and almost never with ads ( used to watching shows via Netflix or iTunes or HBO that ads now seem like bizarre intrusions)

  •  Today " Consumer  are awash with " three to four Mobile Screens" which is watch TV and movie content on 4 different screens, depending on which is convenient (TV, laptops, phones, iPad)