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June 11, 2012

Apple 3D Maps set to decimate Google Map

Apple Maps' Effect On Google - Business Insider:

While more monthly users came from Android (34.8 million) than iOS (31.4 million), the average number of DAILY users was much higher on iOS (9.7 million) than Android (7.2 million). This suggests that iOS users touch the Maps app more often than Android users use the Google Maps app

The buzz from  (WWDC). Apple's developer conference is that  that Apple is planning to announce its own mapping service at next week. This service will eventually replace the Google-operated back end for the Maps app that is bundled with every iPhoneGoogle has provided that service ever since the iPhone's debut in 2007.
As mentioned earlier Apple has been acquiring mapping companies like Placebase, C3 Technologies and Poly9. The acquisitions enable Apple to create a  digital Mapping service of its own instead of using Google Maps
what exactly does Google stand to lose?  The stats that comScore Mobile Metrix shared exclusively with BI Intelligence shows that  Google is about  to loose a substancial part of users using their iOS
In the U.S., Google gets about 31 million users a month on its Maps app on iOS (chart 1), and on average those users spend more than 75 minutes apiece in the app each month (chart 2).
If the reports are true, a big proportion of those users will stop visiting Google's mapping service over the next few years, as new iPhones gradually swap out the Google-backed Maps app for an Apple-backed one.
Another way of looking at it: about 45% of all traffic to mobile versions of Google Maps comes from iOS. The remaining 55% comes from Android. (All stats are U.S. only, and measure only the app versions of Maps, not access to Google Maps through a mobile Web browser.)