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June 23, 2012

Evolution of Social TV : 10 TV Programs with Social Streaming

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Here are some examples of how TV executives are integrating social elements with TV shows:
BBC current affairs series Free Speech incorporates a Twitter based panelist approval platform called the Power Bar. Viewers are able to tweet-in their approval or disapproval of the panelist's comments.

Comedy Central’s inaugural Comedy Awards used a Promoted Trend and a Twitter hashtag in the corner of the broadcast for the full two hours of the show.

Bones added a hashtag on-screen in April 2011 

Breaking In added a hashtag on-screen in April 2011
C-SPAN streamed tweets from US senators and representatives during the quorum call 

Top Gear has an integrated Facebook branded page and has integrated Facebook into its website. After each episode ends, Top Gear posts clips of the last episode on Facebook.

American Idol is piloting a programme where users can login with Facebook and vote for their favourite candidate for free.

The Voice had the judges of the program tweet during the show and the posts scrolls on the bottom of the screen. The use of Twitter also led to an increase in viewers.

"Glee" Entertainment Weekly created a second screen viewing platform for the Glee season 3 premiere.