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June 10, 2012

Facebook Launches App Center, to drive targeted Advertising

Facebook Launches App Center, Admits It is an Advertising Company: "Over the next few weeks, Facebook users can expect to see recommendations for apps based on their activity on the social network.
Facebook launched its App Center  last Thursday showcasing more than 600 apps. While the product is going to be rolled out incrementally to U.S. users during the next few weeks, there were already reports of it being a big boon for developers; GoodReads, for example, told that it has seen 490% growth since the launch.
Presently the launch is targeted more at promoting Facebook’s platform apps and the 600-plus partner apps in the App Center, and less on generating new sources of revenue. The service, in fact, links out to Google Play and iTunes when a user wants to download an app for mobile, and Facebook won’t see any revenue when users take its recommendation for an app."
The new App Center will initially feature about 600 Facebook apps, mostly games, reviewed by the company to meet its quality standards. Games, such as Zynga's "CityVille" and Electronic Arts' "The Sims," are the most popular types of apps on Facebook.
But the company is betting that by personalizing recommendations to users, people will find new types of applications beyond games, along with games that are more interesting to them. There are all sorts of social apps that use Facebook, from music-listening services such as Spotify to what-you-just-ate tools such as Foodspotting.

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