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June 6, 2012

Groupon Stocks Plunge as founders Loose Billions

Groupon founders tally billions in paper losses - Chicago Sun-Times: "Groupon’s Big Three — founder Andrew Mason and founding investors Brad Keywell and Eric Lefkofsky — have lost roughly half of their multi-billion-dollar holdings since the daily deal site’s stock started tanking.

Last week saw the Groupon shares tumbled 9% as Employees and other insiders are required to wait before selling their stock following a company's initial public offering. Groupon's lock-up period expired on June 1st,2012. Groupon 's falling shares on the NASDAQ are in line with what most technology Companies are seeing in Q2, are down about 26% over the past week.

There hasn't been any major news specific to Groupon -- other than the so-called lockup expiration that allows insiders to sell to explain this week's sell-off. But several Internet companies have tumbled along with Facebook. Since the social network's IPO about two weeks ago, Facebook shares are down more than 30%.

Monday's decline brings Groupon's market capitalization to about $5.8 billion. That's less than the roughly $6 billion that Google offered to buy Groupon in December 2010. 

Groupon's CEO Andrew Mason’s stock holdings had been halved since Groupon’s Nov. 4 public stock offering, based on the $20 initial share price and its trading price Tuesday, to about a $500 million value from $1 billion; Keywell’s value had slid to roughly $395.8 million from $824.5 million and Lefkofsky to $1.24 billion from $2.58 billion, according to independent estimates by two sources."