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June 4, 2012

Photo Sharing Via Mobile :Twitpic and Instagram Driving 143 million mobile uploads

Twitpic and Instagram Gaining Steam in EU5:

In March 2012, over 143.2 million mobile users took a photo via their device, displaying an increase of 2 percent over the past three months in EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK). 

A recent Comscore data reveals that  the usage for selected photo sharing services showed Flickr attracted 2.3 million mobile users, an increase of 7 percent between January and March. Among the photo sharing services, TwitPic saw the strongest growth rate of 133 percent to 1.5 million mobile users during the three month average ending March 2012.

Instagram’s mobile audience grew 27 percent, the second fastest among the services analysed, to reach 466,000 mobile users. Interestingly, 95.8 percent of Instagram’s audience also accessed Facebook via their mobile devices but only 0.7 percent of Facebook’s audience also accessed Instagram in EU5.