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June 30, 2012

Referral Traffic across Online Retail Websites: Google vs Facebook

Facebook continues to figure as the number one  referral site across the world, accounting for more than one-quarter (26.4%) of traffic, 4.3% of which comes from Facebook Mobile. After Pinterest, Facebook is experiencing the most referral growth, gaining almost one percentage point in December.
Despite the increased integration of Google+ into Google products, the social network lost some referral traffic in January, falling from 0.24% of referrals to 0.22%. Google — encompassing search, news, images and Gmail — also saw its referral traffic decline from 3.69% to 3.62% in the past month.

Recent research showed that " Facebook's Traffic"across  top 100 ecommerce stores showed less conversion ( online shopping) as compared to Google.While  the source of the site is just one of the metrics ,among the many reasons  of conversion, one of the reason might be that " Google's traffic tend to come from " users who have already made their mind '  while traffic from social media sites generally are seen as lurkers,ie who tends to hand around .. without doing much activity .