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June 24, 2012

Singapore Tablet Usage doubles in 6 months,60% adoption by 2012

A new report from Swedish telecoms vendor Ericsson indicates that tablet and smartphone ownership in Asia continues to show traction  across Major Asian Markets,led by  Singapore and Honk Kong

Chinese website Xinhua reports that Ericsson surveyed 47,500 internet users aged between 16 and 60 in 58 countries in Q1 of this year, and found that tablet usage was highest in Hong Kong, where 34% of web users claim to own a tablet PC.

Penetration in Singapore was not exactly bad either at 31% with the research firm believing that tablet adoption in the country will incredibly almost double to 60% of web users by the end of 2012.

Similar trends exist for smartphones, with Singapore (74%) and Hong Kong (73%) once again right at the top of things, followed somewhat surprisingly by the United Arab Emirates in third place. Approximately 64% of adults in the UAE claim to own a smartphone.