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July 2, 2012

Branchout loses 55% traffic in 2 months,fails to impact LinkedIn

BranchOut now has more than 25 million registered users, more than half of which — 13.5 million — are active on the app each month. To put those numbers into context, more than three new users are joining BranchOut every second. When BranchOut first debuted in July 2010, it was often characterized as a “LinkedIn for Facebook” 

The real key to Branch Out hitting the tipping point in terms of growth has been its mobile app, which launched in December and is now driving 40 percent of BranchOut’s total traffic. That has helped the company grow both in the United States and internationall

BranchOut,  the  career network within Facebook that helps people find jobs via social connections has of late  attracted a significant amount of attention from the media and investors when it grew from 400,000 monthly active users last December to more than 8 million in April ,in 2012
BranchOut  was formed for “social networking site for  professionals was founded by Rick Marini in July 2010, and is, as of March 2012, the largest professional networking service on Facebook..
 In 2012 In April BranchOut  has received  $25 million in new funding, bringing its total venture capital investment to $49 million.
However of late the two months since, BranchOut's traffic has nosedived. Now less than half its monthly active users -- 2.7 million -- remain (see charts below).