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July 23, 2012

Google Paid Search rise 42%, as Webmasters accuse Google of "Ignoring Organic Search

 Google  2012 Q2, results brought some interesting " Issues"  across some section of webmasters , some who were sarcastic of " Google's apparent rise of 42% increase in paid search

Google Q2earnings has  beaten expectations, making more money than ever with really nice profits. You can read the highlights here.

Google's panda and penguin update , created a lot of controversies with webmasters, some of them who believ Google was giving preference to  paid advertisers and ignoring Organic search results

Google's Q2 revenues were up about 35% from previous second quarter in 2011. However an increase of   42%  in paid clicks over the second quarter of 2011 has been seen as more than " Normal"

Webmasters and SEOs at WebmasterWorld say paid clicks are up because organic search results are poorer and Google is showing more ads in place of organic results. They point fingers at the Penguin update.
One disgruntled SEO said:
Google's earnings report for q2 was just released and it appears to be a pretty good indication of penguin's success. Forecast: more penguin...
Of course, many believe Google completely separates the organic search side from their financial success. Some may even say, Penguin is to blame because it is driving more users and more searches because quality is better. But others say, it drives users to be unhappy with the organic results and leads them to click on search ads.
Either way - this type of talk is expected but a 42% increase in paid clicks is pretty huge.