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July 18, 2012

Mobile Marketing: Top 3 Most Common Mistakes:

Infographic: 3 Ways Businesses Struggle with Mobile | Marketing Technology Blog:

Mobile  Marketing has today assumed the importance of a Mass Distribution channel ,it has been distruptive to the core , and has in a lot of ways revolutionized “ Marketing Mix”
Has the Mobile web continues to “ grow “ in size and scale, Corporations and Companies gave quickly jumped into the Mobile Bandwagon. Reaching across Demographics and customers have never been so  easy and personalized 

The ability to create “ strong Visibilty” powered by “ LCD screens ‘ more powerful CPU, and” the most stunning “ touch screens’ have made interaction  powered by Native Apps and Mobile Apps a breeze. Today’s consumer  is online  and connected to the web 24/ 7

Here are  Some Mobile Marketing numbers via ( royal pingdom)
5.9 billion – The estimated number of mobile subscriptions worldwide in 2011.
13% – The smartphone share of all mobile handsets in use worldwide.
78% – The percentage of worldwide mobile data traffic that is consumed by smartphones.
1.6 billion – Number of mobile devices sold to end users in 2010, an increase of almost 32% compared to the year before.
19% – The percentage of worldwide mobile devices sold that were smartphones.
472 million – Number of smartphones estimated to be sold worldwide in 2011.
982 million – Estimated number of smartphones to be sold in 2015.