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July 9, 2012

Mobile OS Adoption Vs 42 Months of Android Activation;

Update on Android growth | asymco:

The charts by Asymco shows how the Android OS has been growing as compared with other Mobile OS .Google reported a new activation rate milestone: 1 million/day. more than 800 phones and tablets running Android have been produced since the good ol’ G1 way back in 2008. (At least 650 are made by Samsung.) The total number of Android devices sold around the world have reached more than 300 million – almost enough for ever man, woman and child in the United States to have one

Defined as “activations” device and computers are being adopted at the rate of about 5.6 million units per day. As a percent of total activations, Android is running at about 15% and iOS is at 10%. Android has already overtaken Windows activations and with the new iPhone, it’s likely iOS will do as well this year.

In terms of available headroom this means that iOS and Android are running at a combined share of 25% of available activations.