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July 19, 2012

Nokia and Microsoft Fighting a Loosing Battle, as Android and Apple gains traction

Smartphone Operating System US Marketshare :2012

US Smartphone OS Marketshare : 2012 ( Q2)

US Smartphone OS Marketshare : 2011 ( Q2)

This above  charts on the U.S. smartphone market from Nielsen has a double whammy of bad news for Microsoft and Nokia.

First, it shows that Microsoft's old operating system has more marketshare than Windows Phone 7, its current operating system. And then, within that slice, we see that Samsung and HTC have sold more Windows Phone 7-based devices than Nokia.

 Microsoft's revamped Windows Phone 7 was supposed to be a strong third place contender. And Nokia was supposed to sell a lot of phones.Neither has happened. Nokia is now cutting the price of its Lumia phones. Microsoft is releasing Windows Phone 8, to crack Apple and Google's hold on the smartphone market.

Despite the modest projected growth, Microsoft is still facing a big uphill battle. Data released recently from Nielsen found that 51.8 percent of U.S. smartphone owners currently own an Android device, followed by 34.3 percent who have an iPhone, and 8.1 percent who have a BlackBerry.

Nielsen found that in recent months, Microsoft's aging Windows Mobile platform actually outpaced the newer Windows Phone at 3 percent vs. 1.3 percent.
According to new data from Strategy Analytics, Windows Phone will hit 4 percent U.S. smartphone share in 2012, "rising steadily" from 3 percent last year.

Much of the Windows Phone purchases will be driven by Nokia, HTC, and Samsung devices. The above chart published at Asymco shows  How The Smartphone Market has been faring  since the  last two years.
"Microsoft is making a determined push to crack the United States because it is the most valuable and influential smartphone market in the world," Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics, said in a statement. "However, Microsoft's U.S. smartphone market share remains relatively niche at present and breaking the stranglehold of leaders Android and Apple will not be easy."