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July 12, 2012

The State Of The App Economy in 2012 : Developer Insights

Developers are focusing more on iOS and Android, and moving away from platforms like Blackberry.

Facebook is a developer's best friend. The social network is by far the most popular promotional tool used by developers. 

More developers are planning to start making apps for Windows than any other platform, though that doesn't necessarily mean they will.

Android is the platform of choice throughout the developing world.

The State Of The App Economy in 2012 - Business Insider: "In the five years since the iPhone came out, there has been a gold rush to develop apps, but a new report shows just how hard this business can be.

Vision Mobile, a market analysis and strategy firm, surveyed more than 1,500 developers worldwide and found that one in three apps generates $500 or less a month, which means developers have to find other sources of income to get by.

On average, developers make between $1,200-$3,900 per app each month, though some platforms prove more lucrative than others. For example, iOS developers surveyed make more per app each month on average ($3,693)  than Android developers ($2,735), but both fall short of what Blackberry developers earn per app each month ($3,853)

The chart above  provides a summary of some of the big findings from Vision Mobile's report on the state of the app economy in 2012."