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July 2, 2012

Technology Disruption of The Century:The iPhone at Five

The iPhone Is The Most Successful And Disruptive Product In History - Business Insider: "Five years ago, the iPhone didn't exist. It now generates nearly $25 billion of revenue per quarter, or $100 billion per year. That is, in a word, staggering. The iPhone alone is now a bigger business than most companies on earth.

The iPhone business is now bigger than Microso A single product that didn't exist five years ago is now bigger than the 30-year old company that was once considered so all-powerful that the government intervened to try to break it up. Back in 2007, Steve Ballmer predicted that the iPhone might capture 2%-3% of the global phone market and that Microsoft would get 60%-80%. 5 Years later..we all know where   these two giants  figure in consumer electronics


The iPhone business likely now generates at least $30 billion of profit per year (profit!). It's more profit than GE generates (all of GE). It's more profit than Microsoft generates. It's more profit than Google generates. It's more profit than Walmart generates. It's almost as much profit as Exxon-Mobil generates!"