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July 11, 2012

UK Smartphone Penetration at 55%,Android almost doubles its share

April 2012, 27.6 million people from the United Kingdom age 13 and older owned a Smartphone, representing 55.8% of the mobile population.According to Comscore research,The total Smartphone audience increased by 40.4,% year-on-year. The Mobile OS Platform was led by Google’s Android platform  as its share grew rapidly over the past year in 2011 , driven by the proliferation of Android devices manufactured by different OEMs and the wide availability of such devices across carriers. In the past year.
  Android increased its market share to 40.6%, while Apple retained almost sam marketshare as last year with 1% drop.Android and Apple combined now account for over 65% of the Smartphone market.RIM  as usual keeps fighting a loosing battle  and as of now on  possibly on the verge of either being snapped by the Giants or becoming an also ran.