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July 7, 2012

US,UK and Germany among the Top 3 Web Hosting Nations

Pingdom’s recent data after analysing the  IP addresses of the top 1 million websites as ranked by Alexa, . What’s probably most interesting is that Europe, when considered as a whole, hosts nearly as much as the US. Europe representes 313,000 of the top million, while the US rakes in 431,000.

In total,  191 countries hosting one or more sites in the top 1 million,was calculated  with the following 20 in the top:
Sweden, which has built its reputation on hosting sites that would be taken down by governments elsewhere, ranks at #21, with a mere 5,243 sites.While the representative 1 million sites is only a fraction of the over 550 million worldwide, judging the list based on those traffic stats is at least a good way to get an idea. Though, as Pingdom points out, it’s an ever-changing landscape.
 The US is leads with 431,214 sites, followed by Germany with 82,152, China with 49,730, UK with 37,829, and France with 35,777. In 20th place we find South Korea with 5,659 websites hosted out of the top 1 million.

Country No. of Sites Percentage
United states44639933.73 %
Unknown31030323.45 %
United kingdom1171768.85 %
Germany855996.47 %
Japan371112.8 %
China367772.78 %
Russian federation288372.18 %
Unknown266182.01 %
France248901.88 %
Netherlands234141.77 %
Canada205121.55 %
Australia169641.28 %
Italy130680.99 %
Spain102470.77 %
Turkey78110.59 %
Korea, republic of77520.59 %
Poland68220.52 %
Brazil66680.5 %
Czech republic57450.43 %
Sweden52270.39 %
Ukraine48280.36 %
India45750.35 %
Denmark43130.33 %
Switzerland41700.32 %
Thailand40250.3 %