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August 13, 2012

68% Smartphone Shipments in 2012, led by Android,Apple sinks to 17%

 Apple and Samung patent wars shows no signs of abating.   Infact the   epic patent struggle between Apple and Samsung -  has been a  regular feature for the last 3 years, post Apple's iPhone launch.
Post the iPhone the technology market has zoomed to unprecedented levels, and as  Apple fully deserves the credit , for changing the market , by iPhone, Samsung and Google too needs to be commended for bringing competition to  smartphone and tablet markets.

However the twist in the tale is, that this is sheerly dictated by bottom line and  Apple understands that ,in the next couple of years, Samsung  is the number 1  competitor  to Apple, and is  the only company which APPLE regards highly and knows that unless Apple's product launches differentiate itself..Samsung will  be very close  to Apple' in terms of numbers
The iPhone maker has also brought suits against Android device manufacturers HTC and Motorola. Apple has faced criticism for its endless lawsuits designed to stunt competition from Google's Android, but a quick look at Android device shipments in the second quarter of 2012 reveals a key number that suggest Apple is right to worry.
That number is 68.
According to research firm IDC, Android devices made up a whopping 68.1% of all smartphone shipments in Q2 2012. That calculates to 104.8 million of the 154 million smartphones that left manufacturers plants in the quarter. By comparison, Apple shipped 26 million iPhones in the quarter, good for 16.9% of the market. Together,  iOS and Android made up 85% of all smartphones shipped. 
IDC notes that Samsung was responsible for 44% of all Android devices shipped. That equates to 46.11 million devices, or about 20 million more than the iPhone. Apple shipped 5.6 million more iPhones (up from 20.4 million) in Q2 2012 than it did in the same quarter of 2011 but still saw its share of the smartphone market fall from 18.8% last year.