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August 29, 2012

Display Advertising Visibility:Laptops vs Desktops vs Tablets

Publishers performed best, with only 24.9% of ads not in-view for at least half a second, followed by networks (42.4%) and platforms/exchanges (46.4%). Of the ads not in-view for at least half a second, the vast majority (~97%) were never in-view.

49.9% of directly placed ads stayed in-view for at least 1 second in H2, according to an August 2012 study from AdSafe Media. Viewability for directly placed ads was better than for networks (41.2%) and platforms/exchanges (40.3%). 

Longer engagement with viewers was much harder to come by: just 21.1% of directly placed ads remained in-view for 15 seconds, dropping to 16.4% for networks and 16.3% for exchanges. In its previous semi-annual report, AdSafe found that more than 38% of display ads were either not in-view at all to their intended user or in-view for less than half a second, the standard time accepted for an ad view. 
The UK received the largest amount of the US’ non-geo-targeted content, at 22.8% in Q4. Canada (17.2%) received the next-largest proportion of these impressions, followed by China (11.1%). Results from comScore’s study indicate that of the campaigns it tracked, an average of 4% of the ad impressions were delivered outside the desired geography, but that individual campaigns ran as high as 15%. 

Laptops and desktops accounted for 97.6% of ad traffic in Q4, while tablets accounted for 1.4% and mobile approximately 1%.