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August 19, 2012

Online Advertising Spending in India to grow 54% by 2013

Indian Online Advertising Spending Led by Travel/ Insurance/ telecom and Auto Sectors

United States Online Advertising Spending

Total Digital Advertising Spending : Historical and projected data

According to the Annual Digital Advertising Report published jointly by the Internet and Mobile Association of India and IMRB, the market, currently pegged at Rs 2,851 crore, sees spends skewed towards online classifieds and search.

The above numbers  are consistent with the  India internet :"growth story"  across digital advertising. With a burgeoning online users, india is a vastly under penetrated nation  and the  digital advertising" in India is  likely to explode within the next 2-3 years

A report from the  Annual Digital Advertising. by IMAI ( internet and Mobile Assocaition pegs  the indian online marketing spends is likely to touch  Rs 4,391 crore  by March, 2013. As of March, 2012, the market is pegged at Rs 2,851 crore. It is seen reaching Rs 3,535 crore by the end of the  2013, which is a growth of more than 54%

Among the verticals that lead digital spending include Travel, banking, financial services and insurance sectors . Display ads are the most  used online advertising by these industries 
 followed by telecom and automobiles sectors. 
Education, electronic media and print media spent the least on display ads.Social media spends formed only 3 per cent of the total spends and the lowest in the pie is spent on online video (2 per cent).
By March 2013, spends on online classifieds are seen at Rs 2,686 crore (of the estimated market size of Rs 4,391 crore), search at Rs 723 crore and display ad spends at Rs 838 crore.