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August 7, 2012

Social Media Marketing : Most Common Mistakes not Uncommon to find

Social Media Mistakes : Most of us in the eagerness to market and post our stories on social web forget some basic tips . Here is a summary of some of them

Social should be social. Seems to be pretty simple but its amazing how many organizations dont get this..  adding content about your company's revenue, bottomline or tripe bottomline ( sustaibility) Quarterly Revenue guidance or stock price movements are not SOCIAL. THEY ARE FINANCIAL AND CORPORATE NEWS

Social Marketing  is common sense which is uncommon to be found >. OK .. Social media is not a rocket science, its commet sense marketing, that  helps a brand to get accepted across consumers, customers, stakeholders, and among your target audience  which becomes richer   as it passes through every layer
 Some  Social Media Myths Debunked

1)Numbers on Infographics = Real Statistics: Infographics are not real stats ( ok some of them are) Its a search engine ranking  factor. I know this is controversial statement, but i am convinced that it adds no real value

2)Content =  Generating Content for Social Media
ollowers and Audiences : Understanding the difference

4)Engagement and Click Thro rates : Why both are not the same
5)Listening and why it is more important tha Content Generation

6)Management Buy in : Social Media is Social,  you cant go further beyond a point if the senior management does not have a stake

7) Social Media Policy :Have a social media Policy for Employees:  Among the most important,  tips . Most often we forget that our  own employees are  future evangelist  and can be a great influncer if your social media policy makes sense without too much of gibberish.. that ordinary folks can follow