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September 18, 2012

Apple's iPhone Monster down the years: infographic

Asymco recently featured a report on how the iPhone 5 is different from the other iPhones iPhone 4s, iphone 3g, iphone i3gs and how does this model differentiate from the iPhone 5 which has been dubbed as the FASTEST SELLING CONSUMER ELECTRONICS  item.
Technology Companies these days “ focus more on “ adding value to their products  and tweaking it rather than launching a new product.There are numerous incentives for making products better but few incentives to re-directing improvements away from the prevailing basis of competition.

 Companies like Apple know that “ a successful product” needs to be reinvented time and again. Last October when the iPhone 5 was expected, iPhone played down its features and decided to disappoint markets, rather than play to the Gallery and launch the iPhone 5. 
For  Apple, the iPhone is a  Frankenstein Monster which it has created and. Tim Cook  knows that “ it would be difficult to replicate the iPhone success . The one thing Apple knows to do, which no other Tech companies have managed to do  is the art of launching a old product in a new version. The features, functionalities, add ons, compatibility, increasing processor speed and  Camera resolution  of iPhone 5 makes it a totally new iPhone.. and the new iPhone 5 is probably the launch of Apple 3.0 ( considering iPod. phone and ipad as Apple2.0 products)