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September 21, 2012

Facebook Offers To Go Paid for Advertisers

 Facebook  is  revamping its "Offers" service, by making companies pay for what had been free advertising until now. The new features will help people find the most relevant Offers, such as in their local area, and help businesses better measure the success of their Offers.

Post Facebook IPO , Facebook has been under increasing pressure to monetize its content model and the Offers is the first example of  which Facebook is trying to test  with  ads, starting at $5 per ad, for the deals offered through Facebook.
Facebook Offers was created in April to allow businesses and brand to put discounts and promotions on the News Feeds of people who had liked their page. The users would then redeem the voucher at a store.

With the new updates, Offers will now be available to any Page that has more than 400 fans, and the business will now have the ability to put a unique code, or a barcode, on their offers so they can more easily track how many people redeemed the coupon. This was a feature that Facebook says was highly requested by businesses running Offers.

But there is another side to this: Facebook has also made it so that the service, which was originally free, will now cost money for businesses to run Offers in News Feeds.