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September 21, 2012

iPhone 5 Debut :First Day First Show :Story in Charts

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Early iPhone 5 retail sales appear to be living up to the hype as Apple stores were inundated with customers snapping up the company's latest model.Analysts at Oppenheimer predicts that 1.5 million iphone 5 will be sold on the opening day

From New York to San Francisco and Des Moines to Louisville, scores of consumers lined up for the much in demand Iphone 5, the latest generation device  from Apple that's bigger, faster, lighter and more feature laden than older generation iPhones.

The iPhone5 has been touted as the " fastest consumer electronics device to be ever sold across the globe.The above chart from comScore that shows not only the rise of the iPhone, but how each new model has impacted the mix of Apple's user base through the years. 

Some outlets reported selling out by midmorning. At Apple's flagship San Francisco store, Charlie Hufnagel spent 94 hours at the head of the line - he was paid $1,500 for the job on Task Rabbit, an Internet site where consumers bid on small jobs. Within an hour, Hufnagel, 24, had scored two iPhones for Keith Lui, a pharmaceutical marketing rep who declined to be interviewed.