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September 10, 2012

iPhone 5 Launch : Consumer Electronics Most Awaited Launch in 2012

Now that Apple has officially sent out invites for a 12 September event that is expected to include the launch of the iPhone 5,  The tech industry has been buzzing with excitement  about the coveted device. According to a new infographic from (below), nearly three out of four current iPhone 4 owners will buy the updated iPhone.

The survey of 1,332 respondents revealed that 74 per cent of iPhone 4 owners are planning to purchase the next-gen iPhone. Meanwhile, 71 per cent of iPhone 3GS owners are planning to buy it, as are 64 per cent of those with an iPhone 4S.
Meanwhile, 38 per cent of BlackBerry owners are planning to switch to the new iPhone, as are 32 per cent of people who don't currently own a smartphone, and 22 per cent of Android phone owners.