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September 16, 2012

Microsoft Surface to cost lower than iPad 3

The Microsoft Surface tablet will go on sale on October 26 in the US and the UK, the same day that  Windows 8 is released into the wild.

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer who will face the iPhone 5  heat when it launches its Surface  today indicated that surface tablet is   likely to cost anything between $300 and $800.

The most expensive iPad from Apple (64GB with Wi-Fi and Celluar) costs $829 (£649), so even if the Surface ranges up to $800 it would still sit slightly below the iPad. The Surface is scheduled to be released October 26, in conjunction with Microsoft's Windows 8 release. 

This price range puts The Surface in line with Apple's iPad and other popular tablets. The iPad ranges from $399, for the iPad 2, all the way up to $829, for the most expensive new iPad.

Windows 8 is a crucial product for Microsoft financially, and it has also committed to larger touchscreen displays too - buying big-screen multitouch tech firm PerceptivePixel.