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September 29, 2012

social media news consumption grow 100%,as TV,Print declines

The amount of time Americans spend on mobile devices and social networking sites is accelerating rapidly — and their news consumption habits are shifting accordingly.The percentage of Americans saying they saw news or news headlines on a social networking site yesterday has doubled – from 9% to 19% – since 2010. 
In a Pew Research Center survey of 3,003 U.S. adults, 17% said they accessed news on cell phone or tablet device the day before. Even more — 20% — said they regularly get news from social networks like Facebook or Google+, nearly the triple the number that did a year ago.
 Just 13% said they have used Twitter or read Twitter messages, 11% said they have seen news on Twitter and three percent said they received news through Twitter the day before. By comparison, 53% said they use other social networking sites, a group that includes Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, and 19% said they received news from one of those sites yesterday. It’s likely the vast majority were referring to Facebook.
Overall, 39% of participants said they accessed news online the day before, up 10 percentage points from 2008.