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September 26, 2012

RIM Fights Back For No 3 , reaches 80million subscribers

 if you had forgotten about a  RIM ( research in Motion) we dont fault you  .. as the only thung that kept RIM in the news was its declining marketshare among Mobile OS . However  Blackberry  10 seems to to bring back the company back from the dead   with the  launch of  the latest beta version of BlackBerry 10 and a new developer device

RIM's new Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Boulben   took pains to point out  that  RIM has changed its structure to create one single, integrated marketing organization. He also discussed an upcoming marketing campaign focusing on the BlackBerry 10 keyboard, which will be released before the OS itself. It will showcase the keyboard's "flick" feature that lets you automatically enter words by flicking up on a letter.In 

Blackberry has failed to gain back its marketshare in North America , it still has been able to lure buyers with its lower-end devices in emerging markets and countries like India which remains one of the biggest Blackberry Market Today

The company also announced that its BlackBerry subscriber base has risen to 80 million from the 78 million it reported earlier this year, surprising many on Wall Street and sparking a jump in the company's beleaguered share price.
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