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September 21, 2012

Spammed by Daily Deal Websites : Groupon Gets Back its Spam

Daily Deals Spam : Can You Bargain for a better deal : Users tired of  spam bargains from daily deals sites gave a dose of its own medicine as  British digital satirists fed up with Groupon’s daily email deluge tried to physically deliver spam to the company's London office on British television last night.Spam Go With That Bargain? Digital Satirists Harass Groupon:

A video clip of the event on YouTube shows how Daily Deal sites" in the name of " Bargain Basement deals" adopting  questionable business practices can come home to trouble a Companies at the worst moment for a start up business, which is under pressure to set its house in order

“I’m spamming you guys for all the spam I got,” Kamer yell sat a security guard who won’t let him in the office building .

This Video filmed by Don’t Panic for Channel 4, included Israeli performance artist Nimrod Kamer dressed in a SPAM costume trying to gain entrance  to biggest Spammers