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October 16, 2012

Android Revenue and Contribute to Google Balance Sheet

Recently Google reported that their revenue “run rate” is now in excess of $2.5 billion 

Android Revenues in Perspective | asymco: Android's contribution to Google has seen immense. In fact apart from the Search Engine which is Google's own in house product.. no other vertical has contributed  a substantial part of its " Cash" and Operating Margin which  has come even close to  Google Mobile OS. 

The income  statement of Google which Asymco had posted recently  now reflects the reality of what  percentage of its  revenues now come from Android

Not many know that sales from Google’s (formerly known as Android Marketplace) Play are not registered as revenues. This is because Google, like Apple, treats itself as an agent where  revenues don’t “belong” to the agent but get passed on through to the primary beneficiaries. In the case of Play, Google passes 70% to developers (or content owners) and then distributes on average 25% to network operators (or carriers).