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October 22, 2012

The Apple Reality Distortion: Left Brain vs Right Brain

In 2011 Apple made $13 billion -- second only to ExxonMobil's  record-setting $14.8 billion quarter from the fall of 2008, when oil prices were at an all-time high.Apple has crossed the $400 billion,$500 billion and $600 billion marks -- all in 2012 -- as the stock has soared 64% this year in 2012
The above infographic is from the market research firm Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) which tries to Analyse how Apple induces relative distortion amongs it users vs " how consumers  react " scientifically when it compares products via left brain or right brain ( emotion vs logic) 
The Most Apple Fans are of two types, those who love Apple and those who hate to love Apple. No other consumer electronic companies have had the fan following of Apple .. and  even if a part of it  was due to their founder and chief  Steve Jobs, today Apple has grown  into a Mind Boggling Corporation that "  is among the top 10 corporates in the world in terms of revenue
Research survey indicates( via Mashable ) that  48% of U.S. adults who’ve never owned an Apple device probably don’t think Apple products are insanely great, but point to Apple aficionados as simply insane. Others in that group just plain can’t afford Apple’s expensive baubles.