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October 8, 2012

UK Leads Online Retail Penetration , Mobile Web Traffic in Europe

In Europe, the average internet user spent 25.9 .UK tops with first rank with  an average user spending 39.0 hours in the month. The Netherlands ranked second with an average user spending 29.4 hours online.

UK leads in Non  PC traffic  and Mobile browser-based internet traffic in Europe with the  highest share at 16.4% . Other markets at or above the 10 percent mark are Ireland (11.5%), Russia (10.4%) and Norway (10.0%).

Nearly 80 percent (314.6 million users) of the European internet audience accessed online retail site out of which  UK ranks number 1 in terms of using web for   online  retail . Comscore data  shows online retail penetration of these sites showed the UK (94.2 percent reach) and Ireland (93.8 percent) leading the way. France (89.0 percent), Germany (87.6 percent) and Netherlands (84.2 percent) rounded up the top 5. The UK and Ireland also rank first globally.

The UK also ranked first for engagement (101.1 minutes per user on average) with France (70.7 minutes) and Netherlands (69.0 minutes) completing the top 3 markets in Europe for engagement with sites like Amazon and Apple.