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November 7, 2012

Digital Spending Comparison : Obama vs Romney

Barack Obama Appears To Be Spending About $4.4k To $13.1k / Day On Google Search. Mitt Romney Appears To Be Spending About  $3.4k To $6.3k / Day On Google Search. In Other Words, Obama Is Spending Up To Twice As Much On Google Search Advertising As Romney. These Are Just Estimates Based On Traffic And Cost Per Click Estimates

Election Wrap: Head-to-Head Comparisons Across Media: Recent data from Wordstream shows  the internet spending by both the nominees in US Election 2012.The  data  on internet presence across social ,Search and display shows how they fared in the " world Wide web and who won the War

The conclusion as depicted by the charts show that President Obama Trumped across the digital space   as well, with considerable  lead over Governor Romney by a significant margin.

Data  estimates reveal that President Obama had more than 3 times as many estimated website viewers in October than Governor Romney (8.6 million vs. 2.6 million)
Across social media, President Obama had 3 times Facebook fans as compared to Romney (31 million vs. 11 million); Twitter followers (21.7 million vs. 1.6 million); YouTube subscribers (257,471 vs. 28,579), and YouTube video views (262.3 million vs. 29.3 million).