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November 28, 2012

Europe sees 43% Growth in Smartphone Owners,having Tablets


2012 Data On Europe users having Smartphones  and Tablets

2011 Data on Europeans owning smartphones along with Owning a tablet

15.5 percent of European Smartphone Owners Have a Tablet: Smartphone penetration in EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK) is now at 53.7% with nearly 130 million people using smartphones in the three month average ending September 2012. Out of this smartphone audience, 15.5% also own a tablet, compared to only 9.3% last year. This 6.2 percentage point increase demonstrates the rapid growth of tablet adoption across Europe

While in 2011,Top 5 EU countries made up collectively 42  % o of Smartphone users owning a tablet, whereas in 2012 that number grew ( collectively all EU Nations ) to 97%. This is a  average growth of 43% for EU countries

Among EU5 countries, the UK is leading the way with 17.7% of their smartphone audience also owning a tablet, followed by Spain with 16.9%. Italy and France are on par with 15.1% tablet penetration among smartphone users, but Germany falls behind the EU5 average with only 12.8% of the smartphone audience owning tablets.