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November 6, 2012

Exploding Tablet Adoption,set to make it the fastest product Life Cycle in Tech History

Growth in  the Tablet mid segment is forecast to rise 35 percent from 55.2 million units in 2011.
Android Tablets to double by 2015 from 75 million to 150 million

 Tablets is expected to form around 17% of internet traffic by 2017: Goldman Sachs
According to IHS  data  59% of all tablets will be in the larger form where the iPad "is the uncontested leader."

Tablet Forecasts  Point to exploding growth in the adoption of media tablets as 126million tables are expected to be shipped by 2016 driven by the iPad and rivals with a smaller format Tablet sales to cross 126m in 2012: IHS iSuppli: Global sales of tablet computers are expected to surge to 126.6 million in 2012,

The survey by IHS iSuppli predicted a robust 56 percent annual increase in shipments for the tablet market in 2012, from 82.1 million units in 2011.

Most of the research firms  including Garter,Goldman Sachs and Forresterwhich carried out their finding show the burgeoning growth of Tablets is at its pick up phase and  the next three years by 2015, Tablet penetration will cross PC and Desktop combined penetration
While the nine-inch segment dominated by the iPad will account for the majority of tablet display shipments this year, the fastest-growing portion of the market will the 7.x-inch screens used in products like the Galaxy Tab from Samsung Electronics, the Kindle Fire from Amazon, the Nook Tablet from Barnes & Noble