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November 14, 2012

The End of Traffic Jams : % IBM's path breaking Innovation

IBM Unveils Groundbreaking Technology to Reduce Traffic Jams on the Road: Drivers may soon spend less time stuck in a traffic jam thanks to groundbreaking technology developed by IBM.
Researchers at the tech giant teamed up with Lyon, France to build a system that helps traffic operators at the city’s transportation management center reduce congestion on the road, and restore traffic flow.

IBM 's  comprehensive survey of 8,042 drivers in 20 cities were included in the research. Drivers were asked a total of 27 questions, such as the duration of their longest commute, their best and worst roadways and how gas prices affect their choices

Using real-time traffic data, they can evaluate an incident with “predictive traffic management technology” to determine how to keep vehicles moving, according to a release. Called “Decision Support System Optimizer” or DSSO, it can detect incidents, predict the impact of these incidents, predict traffic and suggest the best course of action to take to solve a problem.