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November 28, 2012

Most Lucrative Top 10 Mobile Markets : 100 Million Club

The 100 million club: the top 10 mobile markets by number of mobile subscriptions | mobiThinking

Data from Wireless Intelligence estimates that in October 2012, there were 6.6 billion total connections in 2012 globally,It considers 10 percent of these connections inactive, bringing the active total down to 5.9 billion.

Research data suggests that  consumers use on average 1.85 SIM cards each (which is surprisingly high) which leads to the conclusion that unique mobile subscribers worldwide currently stands at 3.2 billion which means that unique subscriber penetration is just 45 percent in 2012. That’s quite a difference from the 85.8 percent below, but leaves even more room for mobile growth than we all expected. Wireless Intelligence forecasts that unique mobile users will grow to 4 billion in five years