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November 28, 2012

Rich Media Display Ads decline 45%, as Text Ads Format growth jumps by 16%

Forrester: US Online Display Ad Spend $12.7B In 2012, Rich Media Video Leading The Charge | TechCrunch:

In US rich media and video ads are most popular of all display advertising, while static images, which were worth more than video two years ago, are now declining fast, at a rate of nearly 45%. But another low-tech format is doing much better
: text-based display ads are actually growing at a faster pace,while than rich media ads (both over 16%). Video spend will overtake that of text ads by 2014:

Meanwhile, over in Europe, the online display market is not only smaller but it is seeing slower growth compared to the U.S at €4.. Europe online display ad spend for 2012 will come in8 billion ($6.2 billion), and grow at a rate of 13% to be €7.7 billion by 2016.