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December 4, 2012

Apple beats LG in US Mobile Market with 18% share in Nov,2012

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Mobile Vendor (Beta) Market Share

October 2012 Traffic Data Compared to July,2012 Data 

Apple Overtakes LG as #2 Mobile OEM in the US: After months of closing the gap with LG, Apple has moved into the second spot in comScore’s list of top mobile handset manufacturers, per the company’s latest MobiLens figures covering the 3-month average period ending in October 2012.Apple ranked second for the first time with 17.8% market share, up 1.5% points from the 3-month period ending in July. LG dropped 0.8% of its market share, to 17.6%. Motorola with 11% and HTC with 6% make up the bottom  

Apple has been challenging LG for some time now. In the September figures, it sat just 0.2% points back from LG in mobile market share, while in the August figures, it was 1.1% points behind. Its second ranking in October culminates a trend that has continued for longer than a year: back in October 2011, it sat in the 4th spot at 10.8% market share, compared to 20.6% for LG.