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December 13, 2012

Interruption Advertising vs Native Advertising : 2013 Trends

Native Advertising: The Future of Digital Marketing (Infographic) | Business 2 Community: Interruption-based advertising is so 2012, and banner ads went out with the flip phone.

In 2013, “Native Advertising” is the name of the game when it comes to web-based marketing. For the uninitiated, native advertising is high-quality content that integrates organically into the platform, does not interrupt the user’s natural interaction, and is selected by the user rather than automated. As websites become increasingly sophisticated, native advertising helps ensure a positive user experience.

Solve Media compiled some data from a recent survey into an excellent Infographic showing the growing importance of native advertising. It also gives some examples and explains the strategies and challenges of a native advertising campaign.

Some interesting points from this Infographic:

The click through rate of banner ads decreased from nine percent in 2000 to 0.2 percent in 2012.
The average expected increase in native ad spending is 12.6 percent.
57 percent of venture capitalists and investors say they are likely to invest in native advertising companies.
34 percent of publishers say they are likely to add native advertising to their platform.