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December 24, 2012

Declining PC Sales sound Death Knell Microsoft’s Windows 8 Market

Tepid Sales of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Point to Shaky Market - If this was in the nineties,  any new version of  the Windows operating system was enough to get people excited about buying a new computer, giving sales a nice pop. However markets aint' easy as it  used to be  a  decade ago . Not now anymore This chart comes from Goldman Sachs, and shows how Microsoft  OS losing its market dominance of computing devices as smartphones and tablets have come into the market.

It's cliched at this point to say Microsoft whiffed on mobile, but a chart like this really puts into context. Microsoft went from 95% of the internet-connected market to 20% in an eight year span. It's going to get better thanks to 
Windows Phone and Windows 8, says Goldman, but only just barely



As recently as eight years ago, Microsoft had a monopoly on the internet connected computers of the world. Today, not so much.The clearest evidence of Windows 8’s disappointing introduction comes from the research firm NPD, which estimates that sales of Windows machines have actually dropped from a year ago.

According to NPD, stores in the United States sold 13 percent fewer Windows devices from late October, when Windows 8 made its debut, through the first week in December, than in the same period last year.What you’re seeing is not a retirement of PCs, but a push-out in the replacement cycle,” said A. M. Sacconaghi, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein. “If people used to buy PCs every four years and are now buying them every five years, that could lower PC sales by 20 percent over time. That’s substantial.”