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December 7, 2012

The 3 Reality Checks For Winning the Mobile Web

3 Top Reasons Why Businesses Struggle with Mobile [Infographic] | Saleschase Blog: Gadgets have truly become mainstream these days. But businesses have not been able to exploit the potential of mobiles. Today’s infographic lists some of the reasons for businesses struggling with mobile.So, what are the 3 ways that businesses are struggling with mobiles? Here are the 3

1. Reality gap: While a large percent (>70%) of senior IT leaders consider mobiles to be a strategic platform, only around 18% have a comprehensive strategy.

2. Too many skeptics: Disinterested employees or limited resources come in the way. For example,

56% are not clear on the business case
49% are not convinced that they would see returns on investments in mobile
39% lack the time or resources
34% don’t know how to measure the total cost of ownership
32% don’t feel the need as there is no pressure from customers or partners
24% haven’t investigated mobile yet